Philip R. Foley

Philip R. Foley
Chief Service Since - 1965

Joined the Loves Park Fire Department 1965
Served at FF on Engine CO. 1802, & Transferred to 1843 Rescue Squad
Promoted to Lieut. of Rescue Squad for 3 yrs. & Capt. for 12 yrs.
Promoted to Dep. Chief for 1yr. & then Asst. Chief for 6 mo.
Appointed by Mayor Joe Sinkiawic to Volunteer Fire Chief in Oct, 1981
Appointed by Mayor Darryl Lindberg in July, 1999 to Full time Fire Chief

Certified Padi Scuba Rescue Diver
Trained in Emergency Rescue Technician
Fire Ground Command Fire Fighter 1, 2, & 3
Emergency Driving
Auto Rescue Helicopter Safety for BK117
High Angle Rescue

Past President, Vice President and Secretary Treasurer of the Winnebago Chief's Association
Past Chairman, of the Fire Prevention Week Winnebago Chief's Association
Past President, Vice President, and Secretary Treasurer of the Loves Park Volunteer Firefighters Association.
Past President, Vice President, and Secretary Treasurer of the Loves Park Police and Firefighters Association.
Chairman of MABAS Divison 8 Box Card Commitee.

Instrumental in designing and purchase of the LTI Ladder.
Instrumental in recieving a FEMA Grant for two new Engines 1802 & 1808
and also the design of these Engines.
Peterbilt and refurb of the Mack Pumper Rescue and two Mack Pumper Co.

Life saving (Auto Accident) by the Mayor and City Counsel,
VFW Firefighter of the Year
Life C.P.R. to Loves Park resident
Loves Park Rotary Clubs Highest Award Service Above Self - 2004
VFW Special Recognition Highest Praise for Gardianship of life & Property 40 yrs of service -2004
Graduated from first class of Loves Park Police Citizens Police Academy 1999
Federal Law Enforcement Training Central
Homeland Security Methamphetamine Awareness - 2004
Illinois Emergency Management Agency Principal of Emergency Management 2004
State of Illinois Service award 50 years of service - 2016
Fire Ground Command - 2005 Great Lakes Division of the I.A.F.C.
I.A.F.C. 25 yrs of service as Fire Chief
NIMS - IS100, IS200, IS700, IS800
Hurst Green Cross Awards over 42 yrs
FEMA # IS-01900 National Disasters
Medical System and FEMA #IS-00804
Emergency Support Function