Home Fires

The major causes of home fires include heating equipment, electrical appliances, matches, cooking, and smoking. A major goal ot the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance is to reduce the number of fires in the home. The following information lists some
activities that could reduce the possibility of your home becoming a tire statistic . . . . .

1. All electrical appliances and tools should have a testing agency label such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories)
2. Have appliances repaired if they aren't working properly.
3. Do not overload outlets
4. Do not store things above the stove.

1. Store gasoline and other flammables in tight metal containers. Don't use flammable liquids near heat, a pilot light, or while smoking.
2. Have heating equipment checked annually.
3. Clean up your work bench. Keep fiammables away from sparks.
4. Sort and remove rubbish. Do not store things near the furnace or heater.

1. Use large ashtrays.
2. Before you go to bed, check cushions for burning cigarrettes
3. Use a metal fireplace screen. Never dispose of fireplace ashes in combustible containers.
4. Put lighters and matches where children won't find them.
5. Allow air space around the TV and stereo to prevent overheating. If the TV doesn't work right, it can be a fire danger. Have it checked or repaired.
6. Keep portable heaters away from combustibles.
7. Have chimneys cleaned and inspected once a year

1. Never use gasoline on a grill fire. Once the fire has started, never use lighter fluid.
2. Move your lawnmower away from gasoline fumes before starting. Let the motor cool before refueling it.
3. If your roof needs replacing. give serious consideration to using non-combustible roofing materials.

1. Do not smoke in bed or a chair
2. Do not overload outlets