House Numbers

Firefighters and ambulance personnel waste no time answering an alarm. Everything they do is calculated and rehearsed to save every possible second.

The trouble is, they can't always find your home in a hurry.

Why? Because the house numbers can't be seen!! . . . or . . . can't be read instantly from the street.

Take a look at your house number from the street AT NIGHT to see if it is completely visible and readable, and whether the lighting is adequate for someone to read who is not familiar with it.

House numbers that are too small, painted over,so old that some digits are missing, covered or partly covered by plantings, written out in fancy script,attached to a garage door (therefore, only visible if the door is closed), or not adequately lit at night - all these are threats to life in case the fire truck or ambulance is trying to help someone at that address. You're REALLY in trouble if you have no house numbers at all???

Firefighters, ambulance, and police personnel are ready to help you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day but you have to take a little time yourself to display your house number clearly, so they can find whereyou are.